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The Ambassador Club exists primarily to provide Senior Youth with an organized structured system that will promote active involvement of its membership in their church (local and global) as well as their community while providing them with opportunities to discover their God-given talents and life vocation.


The particular specific focus of a local club may be determined by local leadership in consultation with the youth wishing to participate as long as the overall mission of the organization is not placed in jeopardy. The focus selected may vary during any given programmatic year, may develop over several years based on cycles of training, or may function concurrently for different/overlapping groups meeting their felt needs. Thus a series of cycles may include these among others:



  1. Leadership development through such curriculum as the Master Guide and AY Leadership
  2. Community outreach development through service and emergency preparedness training
  3. Spiritual development through traditional and innovative evangelistic outreach
  4. Lifestyle vocational/career development through specialized multi-vocational training
  5. Friendship skills development through specifically focused socials and pre-marriage seminars
  6. Character and personality development/awareness through outdoor/high adventure programming
  7. Life enrichment development through use of the advanced Honor levels as developed in the AY Honor Handbook



The following objectives can be, must be, will be achieved as club leaders explore and develop their programs based on the above seven foundations.

  1. Help Senior Youth to realize that God and His church love them and appreciate the implementation of their talents for the fulfilling of their mutual gospel commission as established in Matt. 28: 18-20 and Acts 1:8. They will find fulfillment in their life-style as they share their beliefs with those whom God brings to them.
  2. Encourage Senior Youth to discover their God-given talents and to use their gifts and abilities to fulfill God’s expectations for them.
  3. Inspire the Senior Youth to give personal expression of their love for God by uniting them in various outreach activities.
  4. Make the number one priority of Ambassador programming to be the personal salvation of each and every youth who is a member.
  5. Build into the youth’s lifestyle an appreciation, understanding and love for God’s creation through a safely planned program of adventure and discovery. They will find their fellowship with God to be more meaningful as they have the opportunity to experience that sense of wonder and worship as nature unfolds its deepest spiritual secrets as outlined in Romans 1:19, 20.
  6. Teach Senior Youth specific vocational skills and hobbies that will provide them with purpose and employment opportunities.
  7. Encourage the youth to develop and maintain physical fitness through an active, energetic, drug free lifestyle.
  8. Provide youth with opportunities to develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities. They will strengthen their resolve to develop and maintain appropriate internal discipline and apply their skills of resourcefulness and understanding of the processes of group dynamics.
  9. Provide ample opportunities for youth of both sexes to interact in wholesome activities that will lead to and strengthen life-long committed relationships.




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